Our Team

MO-NICA-_0021_Chris mileski
R. Christopher Mileski 
League and Race Director
MICL Founder
Ralph Pfremmer President
Ralph Pfremmer
Jill Heneghan  Budgeting, Finance & Treasury Co-Chair
Jill Heneghan 
Budgeting, Finance & Treasury Co-Chair 
MO-NICA-_0020_Dana Wilkerson
Dana Wilkerson
Budgeting, Finance & Treasury Co-Chair
MO-NICA-_0013_Kerri Mileski
Kerri Mileski
Director of Program Development
Chief Course Marshal
MO-NICA-_0014_Jay Thomas
Jay Thomas
Venue Development Chair
Coach Supporter
MO-NICA-_0015_Brad Kovach
Brad Kovach
Communication, Branding and Social Media
MO-NICA-_0016_Amanda Lappe
Amanda Lappe
GRiT Coordinator
MO-NICA-_0004_annie schwartz
Annie Schwartz
Adventure Coordinator
Karen Holtmann
Teen Trail Corps Coordinator
MO-NICA-_0012_Ben Nagy
Benedict Nagy
Central Region Coordinator
Venue Survey Team
MO-NICA-_0011_Bill Plank
Bill Plank
Central Region Coordinator
MO-NICA-_0010_Renee Thierry
Renee Thierry
West Region Coordinator
Coach Supporter
MO-NICA-_0001_cody jones
Cody Jones
Coach Supporter
Venue Survey Team
MO-NICA-_0000_Matt Hartman
Matthew Hartman
Race Operations Manager
MO-NICA-_0003_Tad Hylkema
Tad Hylkema
Race Operations Manager
MO-NICA-_0005_steve friedman
Steve Friedman
Chief Course Setter
MO-NICA-_0009_Cary Maloney
Cary Maloney
Chief Course Setter
MO-NICA-_0006_Elena Friedman
Elena Friedman
Medical Coordinator
MO-NICA-_0002_Andy Schuette
Andy Schuette
Chief of Scoring
MO-NICA-_0002_john peiffer
John Peiffer
Chief Race Official
MO-NICA-_0008_Dave Beattie
David Beattie
Registration Manager
MO-NICA-_0001_Jessica Ingraham
Jessica Ingraham
Registration Manager
MO-NICA-_0007_Jen minor
Jennifer Minor
Yoga and Stoke Coordinator
MO-NICA-_0000_kelly ganz
Kelly Ganz
Website Manager
MO-NICA-_0019_Greg Wittner
Greg Wittner
Legal Counsel
MO-NICA-_0017_Sarah Lawrence-Lohse
Sarah Lawrence-Lohse
Legal Counsel
MO-NICA-_0018_Michelle Bagwell
Michelle Bagwell