Racing FAQs

Where am I supposed to go? When am I supposed to be there? What do I need to bring?

This page will help you find the answers to these and other common questions.

Check out the MICL Event Guide for Missouri League-specific details

You can find NICA’s Quickstart Guide to attending a race event HERE.

Use NICA’s Student Athlete checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything important!

What is a typical race weekend schedule?

Saturday morning: Venue Setup. The race course is closed to the public including students/coaches

Saturday afternoon: Team Pit Zone setup. Coaches and students arrive

Saturday afternoon (2-5 PM): Coach-led student course inspection (pre-ride)

Early Sunday morning: Last minute course inspection (must be coach-led)

Sunday morning: Racing begins

Awards begin after venue teardown is complete – everyone helps out! (3-4 PM)

* This schedule is subject to change. Please monitor team and league communications for the most up-to-date schedule.

Where do I find the most current event information?

Please refer to the Race Series page (HERE) for the most current version of the race flyer. This will outline everything you need to know about the venue layout, parking, event schedule, food, lodging options, and more. Also monitor your team communications for any last minute changes and team specific information.

What is the Team Pit Zone?

A meeting place for students and coaches to gather on race weekend and store their stuff. Teams will be allocated a section of the venue area to set up team tents, chairs, bike racks, coolers etc.

Who is allowed to ride on the course on race weekends?

Only fully registered student athletes, coaches, and staff are allowed to ride bikes on the race course for the duration of the race weekend (usually 8 AM Saturday – 4 PM Sunday) and they must have an official league race plate from the current season. No siblings, family members, or other riders are permitted at any time. Any other trails at the venue that are not being used by the race are open to the public unless marked. Students and coaches may only ride on the course during designated pre-ride times on Saturday and Sunday.

What is it like to spectate at a MICL event?

We encourage spectating at all of our events and love cheering, costumes, and noisemakers as long as they are in accordance with our community code of conduct. The safety of our students is our first priority. All spectators must remain off the race course at all times and not travel along any part of the course to reach a spectating area. Please utilize designated course crossing areas if you need to cross the race course.