Girls Riding Together

Flannery Allison

NICA’s vision is that every youth is empowered to be part of a thriving and engaged cycling community. NICA’s GRiT initiative exists to give girls and women equitable access to the transformative power of mountain biking. Through GRiT, we create the safe spaces and opportunities necessary for women and girls to engage, build confidence, belong, and thrive as riders and humans.

Why GRiT?

GRiT doesn’t exist because women and girls are different, or need different coaching. Girls love sport and want to have fun, while also learning skills and being challenged. However, gender-related challenges are still one of the biggest reasons that girls drop out of sports or don’t try them to begin with. That is why GRiT exists.

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How do we approach GRiT?


MO GRiT Weekend:

June 22nd/23rd, 2024

Girls Only Try-it-Out Events

Contact your local team for more information.


GRiT Ambassador Program: 

Applications Accepted May 1st – 15th, 2024

GRiT Tent Events:

Visit the GRiT Tent at league events for activities and community building!

Flannery Allison

Dylan Trigg

Female Leadership Development

GRiT Coach Retreat: Ladies, Level Up Your Coaching Skills!

Join us on June 9th, 2024 at Binder Park in Jefferson City, MO

More information HERE

Male Allyship

Online GRiT Coach Training CEU

Check this out under coach training courses in the Pit Zone.

Receive an official GRiT Coach kit upon completion!

What GRiT Ambassadors Have to Say…

“I want to be a GRIT ambassador because I’m always inviting my friends to ride with me but in the past the only ones who have gone with me have been boys. I feel like the girl biking community is very small and especially where I live, not a lot people know about it or they think it’s too challenging so they don’t even try.”

– Sarah

“I want to be a GRiT Ambassador because I want more girls to ride bikes. I think it’s important that boys see girl riders at practices and races so they realize girls can mountain bike too. I think some girls might want to mountain bike but are nervous like I was. I want to help them know that this is not a boys-only sport. Girls can do it too and have fun. GRiT helps girls feel like they’re not alone on a bike – they are part of the team.”

– Ella

“I want to be a GRiT Ambassador because I finally found a home in the mountain bike community and I want to see more girls find the same home that I did.”

– Jillian

“I want to be a GRiT Ambassador because I want to meet other girls who like to ride bikes. I want to encourage other girls to start mountain biking because it’s not fun to be the only girl in the group. When I ride with other girls, I feel more comfortable trying new things. I want to show other girls how fun and challenging mountain biking can be while making new friends.”

– Lucy