MICL Student Advisory Council

Do you care more about serving others and sharing the fun than standing on top of a podium? 

The MICL is looking for Ambassadors who are 100% committed to living, breathing, promoting and generally exemplifying the NICA mission and core values. Not just at NICA practice and events, we are looking for students who are willing to be active NICA ambassadors in their region and who are committed to engaging with as many community members as possible to promote the mission and activities of the MICL. 

Required Activities:

  • Be a spokesperson for NICA in your local mountain bike community and be an active supporter of your local trails. 
  • Listen to and serve as a representative of all students in your region, not just your teammates.
  • Provide feedback to the league directors by attending virtual meetings and Saturday lunches at league events. 
  • Write thank you notes to land managers and league sponsors throughout the season.
  • Work with the league media team to create at least 3 NICA stories per season.
  • Serve as a community leader at league events through the following activities: work with the race announcer to interview other student athletes, coordinate cheering and support all athletes, and help guide event teardown under the supervision of the race staff.